Ready for some straight talk?

I know that you freak out about your physical examination techniques in clinic.

I know that you wonder if you if you have missed something, and feel as though everyone else has nailed this stuff.

What if you had support?

FREE Cheatsheet

A guide for naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists to improve their physical examination skills in practice.

How does a clear guideline of body systems to examine and possible questions to ask sound?

This cheatsheet will help:

- build client rapport

- Save time in consultation

- Build client base

- Create better clinical outcomes

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Katie Barron is a practising naturopath, college tutor of physical examination, mother, wife and lover of all things travel. Katie is passionate about fellow natural health practitioners feeling confident in their clinical practice, leading to better client outcomes, thriving businesses and a rising of the whole industry. With a passion for physical examination, Katie believes that this not only gives us valuable insights into the patient presentation, but also builds rapport with the client and opens doors to cross referrals with other modalities. Katie is currently putting together a tour of workshops around Australia and NZ cities in 2019 to refresh natural health practitioner knowledge of physical examination.