Hey Praccie! 

I get that you are nervous about your physical examinations.

I know you are worried that you are going to muck it up. 

I know you are scared you are going to miss something IMPORTANT by not doing the physicals.

How cool will it be to have a series of short snappy videos that show you EXACTLY what to do? - so you can WATCH and DO?

....and go back to again and again as you need...

Unless you are a bodyworker - you can go through a whole consult without touching their clients.

It's time for this to change.

It's time to take your practice and patients health to the next level.

...Strap in for all the practical info and bonuses that you need to get your physical exams HAPPENING in your clinic...

$496 - Upfront, or in 4 Payments - For the Training You Wish There Was More of in College!

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  • Its time to get physical! Seriously though - not enough praccies are using these skills and are missing important things
  • Its a FANTASTIC way to connect with your patient - connected patients return AND tell all their friends about you
  • Identify red flags that you have been missing 
  • Have a way of tracking your patients progress - they LOVE it!
  • Learn to communicate with other modalities, includings GPs professionally usig a common language
  • Learn HOW to do things and WHY you are doing them
  • Learn what is normal and whats a red flag you can't ignore
  • ALL the bonuses to really know what you are doing and feel inspired 

Learn HOW to do things, and WHY you are doing them

So What's in the Training Package?

Video modules, PDF's, Cheatsheets and webinars in one handy place.

  • Modules containing videos of background info about body systems, how we exam, why and what we are actually looking for
  • Videos of each technique of assessment for each body system - this is gold
  •  Videos are between 2-5mins long for quick reference - watch quickly before that client walks in the door!  
  • Webinars about the importance of physical examination (get reinspired!)
  • PDFs, cheatsheets, workshop notes and other bonuses in one handy spot


Full Recording of the Live Workshop

I was going to keep this one quiet - but I can't - I am adding the complete recording of the 'Lets Get Physical' training workshop to the training package!

(over 10 hours of goodness - in easy to manage chunks)

What Physical Exams am I learning?

Short, snappy USEABLE videos of the following will be included: 

  • Vital signs - assessment of manual BP (the most accurate way to assess blood pressure), temperature (so you can teach your clients correctly), pulse, respiration.
  • Abdominal - what to look for, bowel sounds, palpation of entire abdominal area/liver/spleen, percussion (how and why we do it!)
  • Tongue, Skin, Nails, Hair
  • Neurological - cranial nerves, reflexes - how, why and WHEN to do these exams
  • Mental health assessment
  • Pain Assessment
  • Respiratory - correctly listen for breath sounds (and what they could mean), palpation of area, assessment for barrel chest and hyer/hypoinflation
  • Thyroid - general assessment, correct palpation for enlargement, ascultation (listening) for bruit
  • Ear - corectly/safely internal inspection - what are we looking for
  • Lymph nodes - palpation of the head/neck nodes - whats normal and whats a red flag!

Training Package will be released late September 2019

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Option 1: Instalment plan: $127 upfront, and then 3x weekly payments of $127 


Option 2: Pay $497 upfront 

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I want this to be a no-brainer for you and your practice!

Its time to DO the physical exam - to know WHY, and to identify red flags you really don't want to miss.

About Katie

Katie Barron is a practising naturopath, has been tutoring the physical examination subject for the Bachelor of Health Science for four years, a mother, a wife and a lover of all things travel. 

Katie is passionate about fellow natural health practitioners feeling confident in their clinical practice, leading to better client outcomes, thriving businesses and a rising of the whole industry. With a passion for physical examination, Katie believes that this not only gives us valuable insights into the patient presentation, but also builds rapport with the client and opens doors to cross referrals with other modalities.  

Katie is currently putting together a tour of workshops around Australia and NZ cities in 2019 to refresh natural health practitioner knowledge of physical examination.  

When Katie isn’t tutoring at a naturopathic college, planning her upcoming 2019 workshops, or seeing clients in her clinic, you can find her planning her next overseas adventure with her family, catching up with friends, or walking on the beach with her enormous dog.  

I believe that the power of touch allows us to kick start the healing before even reaching for the prescription pad